100 Animals


It's always been a dream of mine to illustrate a children's ABC book. I discovered The Great Discontent's 100 Day Project and decided to finally put this dream into action. In the beginning, I was unsure on how I would document my process and decided the day before the project began that I would do an animal a day. I now have 100 colorful animals! I am currently in the process of putting a book together of all my animals.




36 days of type

Participated in the 5th 36 Days of Type challenge.
I wanted to combine my love of color and shapes with animation. 




Concept packaging for a fictional company,
Le Temps Chocolate. The packaging is dedicated to a decade of the 20th century based on the percentage of cacao in each chocolate bar. Le Temps Chocolate celebrates the style and creativity of each decade with something that will never go out of style: delicious chocolate. 


Illustrated French words that I've learned in the past year

Chateau Moya

Chateau Moya is an organic wine produced on the hills of Cotes de Castillon in Bordeaux, France.
Objective of the label was to convey a floral organic feeling to represent the clean methods in which the wine is made.



Headspace is meditation made simple.
Not only has it been an immense pleasure working with Headspace,
the app has given me clarity and a new outlook on life, creativity, and health.  

Illustrations for the Headspace Blog

Shapes & Things

I recently began working out with a personal trainer and have become more focused on fitness and being more active. With more visits to the gym, I need more clothes to sweat in! Overwhelmingly disappointed with the lack of graphic pattern t-shirts and tanks for women (No, I don't want a shirt that says "squat it likes it hot") I created a collection of shirts to bring another element of fun to my workouts.

Buy them at Society 6


Pattern work for Olly Nutrition's Wellness Boosts.  
The patterns reflect the benefits of each wellness boost. 

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